What Is HEEL ?

Good Dog *HEEL* is a decentralized Web3 Brand developing original characters & content. The Good Dog Ecosystem currently includes: HEEL Token, HEEL v1.0 NFTs, HEEL v2.0 NFTs (My Good Dog Collection) & Good Dog House for staking. The Good Dog brand is centered around two original characters: Young Ryoshi & Shiba.

Who develops for GOOD DOG ?

Lead curator Milly is accompanied by a select team of highly regarded artists and solidity developers. Good Dog’s success ultimately depends on its passionate community.

Decentralized Dog

Good Dog *HEEL* is a decentralized vision by deployer Milly, ultimately carried out by the community itself. HEEL is governed by a ‘Do-First Mentality’. Instead of asking for something to be done, show initiative by proposing solutions and new ideas for the betterment of the entire community.

HEEL Token

Good Dog *HEEL* is an Ethereum based token that represents the HEEL brand. Available on Uniswap & Shibaswap. HEEL token holds various utilities exclusive to the HEEL Ecosystem, some including: brand equity, governance, rewards, NFT minting eligibility, & more.

HEEL token has a total supply of 1,000,000

0% transaction tax, & a renounced smart contract

Maximum wallet of 32,500 HEEL tokens

Maximum transaction of 30,000 HEEL tokens

6% of HEEL supply bought back, added to HEEL Liquidity & burned forever

HEEL treasury holding 3.25% for a future migration to the Shibarium L2

Contract Address : 0xf941d3aabf2ee0f5589e68ba6047b8329592b366


It all began with a collection of 300 HEEL NFTs. These HEEL v1.0 NFTs act as mint passes for all future HEEL collections. This collection contains 0% creator fees forever. Link to collection:

My Good Dog Collection

1,555 unique NFTs to represent the Good Dog brand. The second official HEEL NFT collection. To be accompanied by staking for unique rewards.

Staking Good Dog House

The Good Dog House is an original staking platform that incorporates HEEL tokens and HEEL NFTs for users to receive unique rewards. The GDH is designed to be a fully immersive and interactive user experience. The originating focus will always be HEEL but there is plenty room for expansion and scalability.

3D Characters